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KAF Counselling and Crisis Centre offer various type of basic counselling and psychotherapy to the marginalized and vulnerable members of the Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) communities.

We Have a Team of Counsellors Waiting to Help You.

We know how important it is for everyone to have someone they can talk to and share their fears, worries and struggles. Someone who is ever-ready to listen and stand with you understands you and helps you figure things out. But unfortunately, most of us don’t have such a person around, so we are here for you.

You are no longer alone. We are here for you. In our sessions, you will be the one to do all the talking – we will listen and guide you through resolving all your issues. So don’t hesitate – you will find here the best confidants ever.

As a Charity, our services are free! So please make an appointment and see that we are dedicated to helping throughout your journey to freedom and emotional health.

Contact Us Now! We accept Voice calls, Texts, Chats and Messages

 KAF Counselling and Crisis Centre Offers 

  1. Evaluation, Need Assessment & Therapeutic Plan: KAF Team of Counsellors will work with you, carry out a thorough evaluation of your case, conduct a detailed Need Assessment and develop a comprehensive therapeutic plan that works for you. Also, in emergencies, answering our crisis phone lines and online chats is our top priority. So be assured we will respond to you quicker than you think.
  2. Psychotherapy, Biopsychosocial Analysis & Emotional Disorders: We offer Immediate access to non-restrictive, barrier-free, non-judgemental, confidential counselling support and follow-up to youths, adults, and seniors through 24/7 phone lines and online services. Psychotherapy and biopsychosocial analytical approach to counselling ensure that a comprehensive protocol is developed to help you overcome your challenges.
  3. Crisis, Trauma, Marriage and Relationship Counselling: We offer relevant programming, education and training to increase awareness about depression, isolation, and suicidal tendencies, provide evidence-based knowledge, strengthen intervention skills, and facilitate transformation and recovery after a traumatic experience while supporting strategies for resiliency for marriages and relationships.

Other Counselling services include:

  1. Relationship Counselling
  2. Youth & Adolescent Issues
  3. Marriage & Family issues
  4. Addictions and Substance Abuse
  5. Self-esteem & Loneliness
  6. Depression & Anxiety
  7. Bereavement and Loss
  8. Trauma & Suicidal thoughts
  9. T.S.D., Stress, Panic, Fear
  10. Most psychosomatic disorders, etc.

Get Help Now. Contact Us! Call 1-855-204-1978 or Text 604-424-1966


It’s Time to Make This World Better

Kingdom Acts Foundation (KAF) … Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion! – Bringing the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of colour) Communities Closer to Mainstream Social Services Delivery and Programming!

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