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One of Kingdom Acts Foundation’s mandates is supporting and serving marginalized groups and the most vulnerable minorities in our community. Though KAF serves all community members, the focus is on children from Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) immigrants and refugees, who are often the most underserved in Early Learning Child Care. Due to a lack of awareness and poor communications, most BIPOC immigrants do not have access to most government-funded programs designed to support needy families. As a social purpose organization with deep roots in the BIPOC communities, Kingdom Acts Foundations provides the needed awareness, capacity building, effective communication and family care in a culturally appropriate way that serves the needs of the BIPOC minorities efficiently.

Also, it is essential to note here that most members of the BIPOC communities are not willingly open to releasing their children to attend daycare or early childcare programs with strangers. However, because of our connection and network with the leaders of the various BIPOC community organizations in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario, Kingdom Acts Foundation can provide both remote and in-person Early Learning Child Care Programs successfully where other organizations may be limited.

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KAF’s innovative approach at E.L.C.C. is unique and hybrid in strategy. Most BIPOC families do not have access to the internet and communication gadgets to join online education platforms. Hence, we deploy both culturally relevant tools, proven communication channels and effective monitoring to deliver and monitor the effectiveness of our innovative hybrid approach.


For more than eight years and still running, KAF has organized one of the most vibrant and inclusive KID’s SUMMER CAMP attended by children from BIPOC families throughout the Metro Vancouver and the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Previous KID.’S Summer Camps have attracted several members of the City of Surrey Councillors, MP of Surrey Centre and a Federal Minister from Ottawa.

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