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Food Bank

Food Rescue & Food Security

KAF Food Bank serves diverse populations without any discrimination. KAF Food Bank has increased access to nutritious foods for all members of the communities the food bank serves.

KAF Food Bank pursues food equity and healthy food redistribution with no barriers to membership. Participants and volunteers are trained to respect one another and strive to maintain order and tolerance.

KAF Food Bank & Food Security

Program Focus

KAF Food Bank & Food Security 1

Engaging women to support other women and children in the community that are hurting, women in shelters, homeless women, single mothers, e.t.c.

Our Women’s Support Groups will provide psycho-education and support to women who have experienced trauma, violence, sexual assault and abuse in relationships. Women have the opportunity to network and connect with other women (H.O.P.E )

Pounds of Food Rescued Every year
1000000 +

Pounds of Food Rescued Every year

Meals Rescued Value Every year
$ 1000000

Meals Rescued Value Every year

Lbs of Green House Gas (GHG) Averted

Lbs of Green House Gas (GHG) Averted


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Help those in need

KAF Food Bank & Food Equity

Food Equity & Social Justice

Moving Beyond Emergency Food Distribution –
In Programming, Strategic Planning, And Messaging.

Among the BIPOC communities KAF Food Bank serves, emergency food distribution only offers temporary relief to an underlying socio-economic inequity that keeps the majority of the BIPOC families unemployed or underemployed.

Therefore, KAF’s programming includes capacity building and skills training and advocating for employment equity.

Unfortunately, BIPOC Charities such as KAF face a considerable obstacle in expanding their social purpose programming. The most critical one is the lack of willingness and dedication by funders to support BIPOC Charities, another sign of discrimination and marginalization of BIPOC-led social purpose organizations.

The lack of sustainable funding makes it challenging to have long-term strategic planning and comprehensive programming in a culturally appropriate format.

Food Rescue Operations & Environmental Protection

KAF Food Bank partners with various food rescue and food recovery organizations in major cities of Canada, especially in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario, to rescue and redistribute food items to families that need them. It limits food waste and promotes circular food recovery and repurposing.

KAF Food Bank recovers over 465,000 pounds of food worth over $317,000 every year while averting over 375,000 pounds of Green House Gas (GHG).

KAF Food Bank & Food Rescue


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Revisiting And Reinv igorating BIPOC Community Leadership Through Volunteer Programs

Volunteerism drives all the activities of KAF Food Bank. KAF has volunteers from the BIPOC communities made up of individuals with various skills and experiences, mostly Youth, Seniors, Women and Students.

To run KAF’s massive food distribution programming requires the complete dedication of our volunteers.

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Our Partners

We partner with government and many social agencies

Africa Centre
Canadian Women's Foundation
Black Business Initiative
Surrey Cares
British Columbia
Government of Canada
Food Mesh
Second Harvest
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