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Skills Training

Skill For Success And
Pre-Employment Training

New Immigrants and Refugees within the BIPOC communities make up the most unemployment numbers in Canada and are grossly underemployed if they eventually get a job.

Unfortunately, the number keeps getting worse with no end in sight.
KAF’s Skills for Success Programs provide BIPOC Canadians with everyday skills needed for work, learning and life. Improving them will help these marginalized and often racialized individuals succeed in today’s and tomorrow’s workplace.

KAF - Pre-Employment Training
KAF - Pre-Employment Training and Skills
KAF - Pre-Employment and Skills Training

Program Focus

Kingdom Acts Foundation’s Skills for Success and Pre-employment Skills Training focuses on BIPOC women, who comprise the most significant number of unemployed groups in Canada.

KAF also provides Skills Training for BIPOC men and youths who need to upgrade their skills, education, and professional certifications to work in Canada.

Improved Skills for Success

KAF’s Skills for Success is designed to comply with the new E.S.D.C. Improved Skills for Success Model. KAF’s Skills for Success Training focuses on:

Adaptability (integrates continuous learning)
Creativity (Design, arts and Programming)
Innovation (Design, arts, Programming)
Reading (Documents Management Skills)
Writing (Documents Management Skills)

Numeracy (Documents and Data Management Skills)
Digital Skills and use of digital devices and platforms (Computer Skills)
Communication (includes broader concepts, such as non-verbal communication)
Collaboration (Working with others. Reflects a broader scope, which contains inclusivity and respect for diversity)
Problem Solving (Thinking skills, Critical thinking and decision-making)

Other Skills And Employment Support Services

Resume Writing

Resume Writing Skills using resume builders to meet expected standards

Language Immersion

Language Immersion Programs to help immigrants learn essential conversational words in English and French

Apprentice Training

Apprentice Training and Internship for specific job experiences

Volunteering opportunities

Volunteering opportunities for Youth, Students, Disabled, Seniors and other marginalized groups.

Student Work Experience

Federal Student Work Experience Program (F.S.W.E.P.)

Youth Jobs and Internship

Youth Jobs and Internship: Helps Youth develop new skills and establish contacts in the related field of study to boost career possibilities.

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Our Partners

We partner with government and many social agencies

Africa Centre
Canadian Women's Foundation
Black Business Initiative
Surrey Cares
British Columbia
Government of Canada
Food Mesh
Second Harvest

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