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Youth Empowerment

Equip Youth and Young Adults

Kingdom Acts Foundation has many years of combined experience in executing Youth-oriented projects.

KAF has been involved in Youth Leadership and Mentoring programming working among the marginalized BIPOC Youth in British Columbia and across Canada.

Civic Engagements and Youth Services

From 12yr to 19yr, the projects focus on Civic Engagements and Youth Services (Volunteerism, Digital Citizenship, Academic Tutoring, Music & Instrument Training, Extra-curricular sports activities, Election and Good Citizenship, Community Support Services, Career Counselling, etc.).

Economic Activities

From 20yr to 30yr, the project will focus on Economic Activities (Entrepreneurship, Career Counselling, College Courses, Tutoring, Personalitay/Career Assessment, Career Transition, Small Business Consultations, Business Financing and Planning etc.).

KAF Youth Empowerment - Immigrant Youth

Immigrant Youths

The racialized minorities, especially immigrant youths from Asia and Africa, are negatively affected by racism and other forms of discrimination. Unfortunately, most of these Youth do not have enough support systems within their cultural context to help them navigate integration and inclusion challenges.

New Immigrants

Kingdom Acts Foundation provides comprehensive support to new immigrants and thousands of youths and their families in British Columbia, including mentoring, food security, career counselling, academic support, homework support, family therapy, psychotherapy, guidance and counselling, job search, and resume preparation and many others.

Kingdom Acts Foundation has been commended by the Member of Parliament (MP Surrey Central) and City of Surrey Councillors.


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